Sunday, March 13, 2011

Episode 25: Despair, Vampires, and Ingenero

In this episode, we talk about how depressed we are, making vampires cool again, and our playtest of Ingenero.

Episode 25: Despair, Vampires, and Ingenero


  1. Hey guys, first of all thanks for the playtest. Needless to say its just so helpful.

    I do wish you had gone a little more left field with the premise, rather than rehash that old "randian punk iraqi abused wife animated disney washer" chesnut though.

    Im about 1/2 way thru the session recording right now. You can see Ben Lehmans exhortation to get the doco right before playtesting, and in a way its cruel to subject you guys to a document that is not aimed at public consumption. But even if it was, you had some excellent confusion with the whole 'play' thing which I never would have anticipated anyway. And there is other stuff like that.

    So far my takeaway is examples, examples, examples, examples and more examples. Like that microsoft guy, you know? (developers, developers)

    And with the whole aim of the game. I must admit, its more of a lesson to myself in narrative style of play rather than trying to educate someone else. Im learning as I go and as I play.

    more later, cheers

  2. Nice ending! I was listening on my iPod and the song that played immediately after was 'Jungle Boogie' so that was like the credit roll soundtrack for me.

    The washer had the best lines...

    Ill listen to the feedback podcast first chance I get.

  3. Interesting comments on motivations. Motivations came last really. The design of the game went challenge phase..challenge phase needs goals to make it work...goals need motivations to inspire them.

    Interesting comments on the reward cycle. Ill have to keep a watch on it.